medicaid policy

Ideas and Programs That Impact Healthcare for Millions

Realizing Innovative Opportunities

Sellers Dorsey achieves results for state Medicaid programs by rooting our work in a consummate understanding of Medicaid policy. Designing programs that simultaneously align stakeholder priorities, comply with federal regulation, and strengthen our nation’s healthcare delivery system ignites rather than stifles our creativity. Our robust cohort of Medicaid experts yoke together innovative ideas with proven approaches to create effective, successful programs.

Our dedicated Research and Policy team and national thought leaders put critical intelligence front and center through:

  • Summaries of federal policies and guidance.
  • Weekly updates on the latest federal, state, and private healthcare developments.
  • Analyses of state budgets including healthcare and Medicaid spending.
  • White papers and reports on topics such as Medicaid managed care and social determinants of health.
  • Research into the impact of political and legislative outcomes on the healthcare industry.
  • Topical articles and case studies about various aspects of Medicaid programs.

Transforming Policy into Action

State Medicaid programs innovate at the forefront of healthcare payment and delivery, working with federal, local, and private partners. The work is meaningful but not easy, so Medicaid directors need policy support and technical expertise to juggle numerous priorities at once. Sellers Dorsey guides clients in:

  • Finding funding to maintain Medicaid programs while increasing quality and outcomes.
  • Managing the transition of delivery systems from fee-for-service to managed care for Medicaid services.
  • Evolving population health strategies aimed at urgent needs while honoring long-standing commitments.
  • Keeping lines of communication open with numerous stakeholders while continuing to innovate.
  • Managing the pace of activity to avoid burnout among critical staff and department leaders.

Making a Positive Impact

State Medicaid programs rely on our firm’s deep expertise combined with our get-it-done approach to affect notable change. Sellers Dorsey has demonstrated success with:

  • Policy analysis, including compliance with federal rules and guidance.
  • Identification, design, obtaining Federal approval for, and implementation of statewide Medicaid financing initiatives.
  • Development and negotiation of Section 1115 demonstration waivers.
  • Medicaid state plan amendments (SPAs).
  • Project management and implementation support for program design and/or redesign.
  • Design and implementation of value-based payment (VBP) reforms.
  • Meaningful stakeholder engagement including technical assistance on stakeholder engagement strategies.
  • Understanding and implementation of healthcare innovations.
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