Research and Policy: Up-To-The-Minute Analysis of Key Medicaid Developments

Sellers Dorsey Director Leesa Allen recently sat down with Health Plan Weekly to discuss what Medicaid managed care organizations (MCOs) can do to keep members informed about federal policy changes and help them remain enrolled. Her thoughts are included here as part of their article: With Medicaid Cliff Looming, Payers Scramble to Limit Outflow.

Leesa and the Research and Policy team she oversees continue to keep their finger on the pulse of CMS guidance directly impacting Medicaid programs across the country and provide insightful guidance for all Medicaid stakeholders. Her work directly informs our clients and others by providing exclusive analyses of the latest developments in the ever-changing sphere of Medicaid.

To read more on what Leesa and her team have been up to, check out our exclusive summary of enacted state budgets for FY2023, which covers key spending areas.

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