value-based care

Facilitating Progress toward Genuine Impact

Relying on Shared Values to Pursue Meaningful Change

Today’s healthcare solutions require novel, evidence-based strategies that focus on quality and value rather than only volume of services. Value-based care requires stakeholders to work together despite potentially divergent interests and goals, whereas delivery system reform require states, managed care organizations, and providers to prioritize development and implementation of innovative approaches to deliver value to their constituents. A customized strategy based on organizational readiness and alignment to national and state priorities is paramount in successfully engaging entities in value-based care arrangements.

Leading with Experience

As former state Medicaid directors, hospital and health plan executives, and provider organization leaders, we’ve been in your position. Sellers Dorsey experts use their extensive experience in program design and implementation to help organizations across the continuum of care to effectively advance patient-centered, high-quality care delivery and cost minimization. We are equipped to develop payment methodologies, identify quality measures and scoring, provide a framework for quality improvement, and support the design of technological solutions to ensure contractual requirements are met and incentive payments are earned. Emerging results demonstrate outcomes and value.

Laying the Groundwork for Value-Based Care Together

Sellers Dorsey has worked with clients in all areas of Medicaid in over 40 states, having successfully developed and won state and federal approval for more than 50 programs. We understand the intersection of federal priorities with state objectives and clinical goals and have technical abilities and established relationships that give us a grasp on strategy and implications for Medicaid providers, payers, partners, and investors. We help state Medicaid agencies and providers assess performance, identify operational gaps, recommend mitigation approaches, and help implement strategies to achieve operational excellence and performance improvement.

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