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OUR MISSION: Leveraging our deep expertise, we partner with our clients and deliver a broad set of services and innovative solutions that improve equity, access, and quality in the Medicaid program.
OUR VISION: We enable people to live their healthiest lives by strengthening and improving the Medicaid program.

Catalysts of Healthcare Transformation

For more than twenty years, Sellers Dorsey has supported transformational change in healthcare. As one of the top healthcare consulting firms in the nation, we partner with states, providers, health plans, and other stakeholders to strengthen the critical safety net system and achieve results that improve the communities our clients serve.

Alongside our clients and partners, we have worked in nearly every state to strengthen Medicaid, improve healthcare in vulnerable communities throughout the country, and assist organizations at the forefront of new technologies and services in navigating the complexities of Medicaid.

While we’ve made an indelible mark on the Medicaid landscape, we also know our work is never done. As Medicaid faces new challenges, we continue our commitment to transform and strengthen the healthcare system. As a healthcare consulting firm that works from strategy through execution, we do more than just set a direction for progress—we help our clients achieve it.

Trusted Partners for Healthcare Organizations

We understand how important relationships are for securing results. It’s not just having the right expert; it’s having a well-rounded team that yields success. Our healthcare consulting firm team comprises forward-thinking leaders from state Medicaid agencies, hospitals, managed care organizations, and healthcare foundations.

Their experience and understanding of priorities among Medicaid stakeholders help guide conversations, develop winning strategies, and create solutions to improve systems of care for millions of people. While our backgrounds may be different, there is one thing we all share: a commitment to improving healthcare access, quality, and equity in Medicaid.

Focused on Strengthening Medicaid

Working with clients and other stakeholders, we have developed important innovations in the Medicaid program.

As a healthcare consulting firm driven to make things better, we continue to find new solutions to complex challenges—such as securing resources to improve our nation’s critical safety-net hospitals—we never take our eye off the things that matter most: people and communities. To this end, we never stop looking for opportunities to strengthen Medicaid.

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