Before joining Sellers Dorsey, Brian served as Digital Project Manager for Creative MMS, a B2B marketing agency in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There, he worked in various agile environments to manage team projects and deliver high-quality results in a timely manner. Throughout his experience with Creative MMS, he successfully managed the design process for various media channels including print, website, and social media to ensure brand consistency and effective communication of key messaging. His expertise in managing project budgets, timelines, and resources ensured progress for various deliverables.

Current Responsibility

As Marketing Project Manager at Sellers Dorsey, Brian helps the marketing team and key stakeholders navigate a growing portfolio of projects from inception through completion. He implements marketing and communication strategies to ensure consistent messaging that raises awareness of the Firm’s identity and mission. His expertise in workflow management ensures that all aspects of projects align with the Firm’s established goals and exceed stakeholders’ expectations. Through his cross-collaboration with various teams throughout the Firm, he serves as a relationship manager and liaison for internal customers, building trust and strong working relationships at all levels.


      • La Salle University, Bachelor of Business Administration
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