Q&A with Mason Lane, Senior Consultant

Mason has extensive experience in government, public policy, and legislative initiatives. As a Senior Consultant, he currently uses his knowledge and experience to guide Sellers Dorsey client initiatives in the areas of Medicaid financing, provider reimbursement, and delivery system reform. Prior to joining Sellers Dorsey, Mason worked for the Pennsylvania state legislature as Chief of Staff for State Representative Brian Sims, advising on political matters, overseeing office operations, and developing and implementing legislative and policy initiatives. Mason joined Sellers Dorsey in 2016, is based in the company’s Philadelphia headquarters, and travels around the country for his work with clients and colleagues.

Mason, what brought you to Sellers Dorsey?
After an early career in public service working in the state legislature, where Medicaid Expansion and healthcare reform were key elements of my legislative portfolio, I sought out a place where I could continue to work for healthcare reform and reduce health disparities on a larger national scale.

What’s your main area of expertise?
Project management and navigating political dynamics as part of Medicaid financing initiatives for hospitals and physician groups. I help ensure the successful development of Medicaid financing and consulting engagements for clients such as safety net hospitals, physician practice plans, academic medical centers, and states. Working with the firm’s technical and policy experts, I oversee and direct program design, engage with state and federal officials, and ensure the successful implementation of projects.

Who are your typical clients?
My clients include state governments, safety net hospitals, academic medical centers, and physician practice plans, among others.

What have you worked on recently?
I’ve recently overseen the successful implementation of Physician Directed Payment Programs in two states, and I’m currently developing similar programs in two others. I also advise clients on implementation of delivery system and health infrastructure reform, along with the development of efficient Medicaid information systems.

What do you like about working at Sellers Dorsey?
While I deeply appreciate and enjoy the subject and content of this work, the people I interact with on a regular basis—both colleagues and clients—are what makes me love my work.

How has your work changed over time?
As I’ve developed at the firm, I’ve taken on progressively greater responsibilities for project work, including technical components, project management and direction, strategic planning, and client development. As a licensed attorney, I’ve also provided support for the firm’s internal legal needs in collaboration with the firm’s general counsel’s office.

What do you believe lies ahead in the next couple of years for your clients?
The financing and delivery of healthcare is and will be forever evolving. As the focus of healthcare shifts to alternative payment models and value-based payments on the financing side and ambulatory medicine and outpatient care on the delivery side, states and providers will need to continually evaluate and reassess their current systems, financing mechanisms, and infrastructure to ensure that they are agile enough to adjust to an ever-changing environment.

What do you believe lies ahead in the next couple of years for you or our firm?
I look forward to continuing to learn about different approaches to Medicaid financing and delivery system reform across the country. As the national and state healthcare financing landscape evolves, I am excited to advise clients on how best to adapt and develop sustainable and replicable models to continue to provide quality care.

What is one important thing you have learned during your time at Sellers Dorsey? Alternatively, is there something else you would like to share?
My passion for my work derives from the people I work with, collaborate with, and serve—an ethos Sellers Dorsey embraces and works diligently to foster. Nothing is more important than maintaining and developing meaningful relationships which allow us to better understand and serve one another in a collaborative and collegial environment.

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