Sellers Dorsey has been honored by the American Ambulance Association as its 2021 Affiliate of the Year! We are incredibly grateful and proud to be recognized for our efforts to help ambulance providers access vital funding and resources to better serve their Medicaid beneficiaries.

State budgets often create pressure on Medicaid program spending, which has a direct impact on ambulance provider reimbursement. Meanwhile, access to supplemental funding requires technical, policy, and political abilities that neither providers nor associations have in house. Our industry-leading team that includes thought leaders from the worlds of Medicaid, policy, and business is well equipped to create sustainable solutions that address urgent health care and budget concerns. Currently, our team is working on initiatives in half a dozen states that will secure supplemental payments for hundreds of private EMS providers. Sellers Dorsey is committed to improving health care quality, equity, and access for vulnerable populations across the United States.