Three Ways to Optimize Managed Care Programs: Approaches for Effective Core Program Administration

According to the National Association of Medicaid Directors (NAMD) in 2021, Medicaid directors spent significantly less time working on strategic initiatives and program innovations than they would like. Because of competing priorities, only 25% of their time is spent on key focus areas compared to their goal of 40%. Sellers Dorsey experts, and former state Medicaid Directors, Gary Jessee, Leesa Allen, and Mari Cantwell explored strategies, innovations, and lessons learned in the key programmatic areas of value-based purchasing, managed care procurement, and managed care organization (MCO) contract oversight in the following videos.

1. Value-Based Purchasing and Quality Improvement

Challenges and strategies for balancing standardization and flexibility within value-based purchasing programs.


2. Managed Care Procurement

Managed care procurements present both opportunities and challenges for state Medicaid programs and MCOs.


3. Managed Care Oversight

Effective contract oversight requires the right tools and balancing accountability with administrative burden.

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