PHE Unwinding: Expert Panel Shares Insights for State Medicaid Agencies and Beneficiaries

Gary JesseeMatt SaloKaren ShieldsLexi Gervis

The public health emergency (PHE) has officially ended, and with it, the continuous enrollment condition for Medicaid beneficiaries has also expired. Throughout the PHE, Medicaid enrollment soared with over 90 million people covered as of March 2023. With that, state Medicaid agencies are well underway in the unprecedented process of redetermining eligibility. The effects of redetermination are certain to be far-reaching as a significant number of people who were previously covered by Medicaid may no longer qualify.

Gary Jessee, Senior Vice President, Sellers Dorsey is joined by a panel of experts with a wide array of experience who share their insights and expertise on the PHE unwinding. Speakers include:

  • Matt Salo, Senior Strategic Advisor, Sellers Dorsey
  • Lexi Gervis, Vice President Impact, SteadyIQ
  • Karen Shields, Chief Client Engagement Officer, Gainwell Technologies

Watch the video to hear more about:

  • Insights on what’s next for Medicaid beneficiaries and state Medicaid agencies
  • Mitigation solutions for state Medicaid agencies during the redetermination process
  • The impact of redetermination for 1099 employees and independent contractors
  • Solutions for consumer confusion among Medicaid beneficiaries through redetermination