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The Medicaid marketplace is estimated to total more than $500 billion and consists of more than 50 unique individual state and territorial markets. Sellers Dorsey has deep industry expertise and experience in administering state Medicaid programs, so we know how to help businesses succeed.


Operating a successful business in the Medicaid marketplace requires much more than having a great offering and solid operating plan. Organizations have to navigate ever changing political and policy dynamics and find connections to the right decision makers. Companies turn to Sellers Dorsey for guidance on addressing difficult challenges such as:

  • Designing business development strategy to succeed with buyers and influencers in various state Medicaid programs
  • Selecting and pursuing appropriate growth targets
  • Making inroads with managed care plans interested in value, quality, and efficiency
  • Educating and influencing policy makers
  • Monitoring and responding to requests for proposals and requests for information
  • Creating appropriate government relations programming
  • Knowing how to apply trends in health care to your business
How we help

The Sellers Dorsey team has advised technology companies, service providers, specialty care providers, health IT innovators, and vendors interested in the Medicaid market. We provide service in these and other areas:

our services
  • Long-term strategic assistance through various phases of business development maturity
  • Guidance to approach and engage with state Medicaid program leaders and staff
  • Relationship support with managed care plans
  • Preparation and technical assistance for RFPs and RFIs
  • Applying the latest in health care trends and regulations to your business

Sellers Dorsey has helped organizations grow in the Medicaid marketplace by helping to realize these and other results:

  • Data-informed strategic investment decisions for businesses in the Medicaid home health market
  • Creation of a successful business development plan in Medicaid for a specialty managed care plan
  • Establishing relationships with buyers and partners to grow a company operating in Medicaid long-term services and supports
  • Increased understanding of opportunities and risks to businesses resulting from the move toward quality and value
Case Studies
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