Ruby Goyal-Carkeek

Associate Director

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Rutgers University, MBA
Rutgers University, BA

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Based in the firm’s growing New Jersey office, Ruby Goyal-Carkeek utilizes her wealth of Medicaid and delivery systems experience based on her time working for the State of New Jersey to support the firm’s work on several New Jersey initiatives including programs providing funding for physicians and hospitals.


Ruby brings a wealth of Medicaid and delivery systems experience to Sellers Dorsey based on her time with the State of New Jersey. While in state government, Ruby was the Acting Assistant Commissioner and Deputy Director for the Division of Children’s System of Care. New Jersey’s Children’s System of Care is considered a national model and provides for services to children/youth with behavioral health challenges, substance use challenges and children/youth with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Having both finance and policy background, she promoted policies in the Medicaid program to initiate and expand programs for this population. Ruby has expansive experience in strategic planning, policy, operations, quality assurance and finance, inclusive of providing direct care services to children and families, providing ‘on the ground’ program support and monitoring (childcare and welfare programs) to agencies, and administering and supervising hundreds of contracts/procurements that support critical programs. As the former Fiscal Manager, Ruby also managed a large and complex health care budget in order to support the priorities of the Division of Children’s System of Care.

Ruby also provided oversight and directed the priorities of the Division’s Contracted System Administrator, a health care entity (ASO) that provides statewide utilization management and care coordination for children, and hosts the Division’s MIS including the statewide electronic health record. Ruby has helped launch several important initiatives to improve the quality and well-being of children and families in NJ, including integrated care. Through her role with the State of New Jersey, she has provided technical assistance nationally to other States and municipalities. She has also been the Medicaid/Behavioral Health consultant for the Annie E. Casey Foundation.