Jennifer Duffy


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Rutgers University, BA, Political Science

Current Responsibility

Jennifer Duffy oversees our New Jersey office which is responsible for implementing Medicaid programming and financing for Sellers Dorsey’s public and private clients. Jennifer is also particularly valuable in the execution of initiatives in other states around the country.


Jennifer Duffy joined Sellers Dorsey with a  wide breadth of technical and management experience. While working for the State of New Jersey, Jennifer held many senior management positions giving her keen insight into the state’s unique political and public policy landscape. Most recently, Jennifer served on the Governor’s senior staff as Appointments Director responsible for navigating judicial nominees through the legislative process and managing the Governor’s appointments to hundreds of the state’s boards and commissions. At the Department of Human Services, Jennifer was the Commissioner’s top policy adviser where she developed a strategy for implementing an integrated eligibility system for over two million users to manage benefit applications for six federal and state programs. As Chief of Staff at the Department of Treasury, Jennifer assisted in the management of ground breaking reforms. Among them included implementing an Executive Branch Performance Budgeting Program, and developed a financial transparency website. Jennifer was also instrumental in successfully negotiated health benefits for public employees between eight different unions which resulted in a savings to state and local budgets.