Matthew Bucknell

Associate Director

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Messiah College, BA

Current Responsibility

Matt Bucknell provides technical support to the Medicaid Financing team with funding methodology evaluation and modeling.

Matt assists both state and local governments and provider groups with Medicaid financing objectives. He administers a myriad of technical reform requirements that facilitate approval by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Matt specializes in provider assessment evaluation and modeling, budget neutrality calculations, and certified public expenditure and upper payment limit program calculations. As a result of Matt’s superior technical expertise, approval has been obtained by CMS to support a number of important projects. These projects have resulted in the acquisition of increased Medicaid payments for three public academic centers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and several successful provider assessments in the region.


Prior to joining the company, Matt worked as a database administrator for the American Education Services/Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Reinsurance Department – one of the nation’s largest full-service financial aid organizations.