Opportunities Realized

At Sellers Dorsey, success is measured by the prosperity of our clients and the contribution we make to improving health care and the lives of Americans.

Sellers Dorsey shares their client’s purposes and successes. The firm understands a client’s unique business needs and develops products and strategies to meet those needs. Together, the firm realizes opportunities that enhance the bottom-line and ultimately improve the lives of people. Sellers Dorsey has a strong track record working with state and other governmental entities, designing and shaping health reform, financing, policies and plans. The firm’s access to decision-makers and in-depth knowledge of the legislative and regulatory processes, current health care policies and how government agencies work enables them to develop innovative solutions at the nexus of policy, politics and business.

Since the firm was founded over a decade ago, Sellers Dorsey has helped clients understand and realize opportunities. Our work has resulted in more than $15 billion in new federal Medicaid funding for our clients by working with state and federal partners collaboratively and transparently.

Members of the team have grown the bottom line of our private sector clients by developing and implementing public sector business development strategies and by helping understand the challenges and opportunities that exist with state Medicaid programs and the markets created by the Affordable Care Act.