Medicaid Market Advisory Services

The Medicaid marketplace is estimated to total more than $500 billion. It consists of more than 50 unique individual state and territorial markets and includes a variety of national, state, and regional competitors. With experience in both planning and implementing procurements for state governments and successfully winning them for Fortune 100 clients in the private sector, Sellers Dorsey and its team of experts understand both sides of the procurement process, stay abreast of market trends, and use this information to grow our clients’ bottom lines. The Sellers Dorsey team has advised insurers, private equity firms, health information technology companies, and others interested in expanding or deepening their presence in the Medicaid market.

Client Success Stories

  • Partnered with significant MMIS vendor to expand client’s market share by securing and expanding contracts through competitive bid processes.
  • Partnered with specialty care providers, including vision, dental, and pre-natal care providers, to expand their businesses with Medicaid managed care organizations.
  • Drafted RFIs, RFPs, and other required procurement documents, processes, and vendor evaluations for managed care, health information technology, care management, and preferred drug list programs.