January 13, 2021

Marjorie supports various projects at Sellers Dorsey and plays a key role in researching new policies and policy updates, state plan amendments, and enacted federal and state legislation.

What brought you to Sellers Dorsey?
I came to Sellers Dorsey to grow an expertise in Medicaid and managed care. My previous work experience gave me a taste of regulatory issues across payers, and I always found Medicaid to be the most interesting (and complicated… which is maybe what makes it interesting). During the interview process, I was impressed with the range of our Medicaid focused engagements across the firm.  As states continue to grow and change their Medicaid programs, I believe Sellers Dorsey is the right place to be for me to be a part of both the state innovations themselves and the provider and vendor responses to those innovations.

What’s your special area of expertise?
I’m still working on creating one! I hope to one day be a subject matter expert in some intersection of Medicaid regulatory policy and associated legal issues (I am a lawyer by training). It would be great to help clients come up with creative solutions that allow them to both be financially successful and achieve their public health and health policy goals, especially in response to a broad legislative or regulatory change. For example, writing an MFAR comment earlier this year was an interesting and challenging experience where I analyzed which provisions would most impact hospitals and how to argue against those to CMS without undermining their goal of increased financial transparency.

Who are your typical clients?
I get to see a range of clients. On the National Consulting Practice side, I haven’t yet seen a typical client since I’ve gotten to work on behalf of investors, vendors, providers, and a law firm representing a specific state. On the Medicaid Financing side, I’ve worked with one individual hospital, but, uniquely, have dealt more regularly with provider associations representing hospitals in two states.

What have you worked on recently?
Most recently I’ve been pretty COVID-19 focused. I was on the COVID-19 Taskforce that has been distilling information into the daily and now twice-weekly newsletter. It’s been a real interdisciplinary effort with members from various teams at the firm. I am also part of the workgroup that researches and gathers updates from Congress, CMS, and state governments regarding Medicaid for our weekly newsletter, Sellers Dorsey Digest.

Outside of the COVID-19 work, I am particularly proud of two expert witness rebuttals in defense of a state in a lawsuit. The team and I learned so much about the state’s infrastructure for delivering managed long term services and supports for its elderly population, and I got to flex some underused writing muscles, too!

What do you like about working at Sellers Dorsey?
I like Sellers Dorsey’s collegial environment. As a resident remote worker, I have enjoyed how friendly everyone is each time I’ve visited an office. Now that we are all remote workers, I love how much everyone is using Teams chats, workout classes, and happy hours to stay connected within their own team and across teams too!

How has your work changed?
My work has become much more COVID-19 and research focused. I have also become more involved in reviewing contracts for prospective engagements, and I look forward to growing that component of my work in the coming months.

What is one important thing you have learned during your time at Sellers Dorsey? Alternatively, is there something else you would like to share?
Substantively, I have learned more about the DSH program than I could have ever imagined! Professionally, I have learned a lot about different management styles. As I continue to grow in my roles at Sellers Dorsey I look forward to applying these management tips and tricks in order to create an engaged, high performing, and fun team.