Sellers Dorsey Assistance with COVID-19 Challenges
Sellers Dorsey acknowledges that our clients, including large safety net hospitals, states, insurers, and providers, are on the front lines of this public health emergency. We stand ready to work with our clients and others to address critical challenges at this difficult time 

 Former Medicaid Directors and former agency leadership on our team have direct experience with natural disasters and states of emergency, and we are ready to assist you in understanding and implementing federal flexibilities, authorities, and funding. The Seller Dorsey team has the capability to provide these and other services, including working on the pursuit of emergency funding to handle this crisis through federal waivers. 

 Our employees continue collaborate with our clients and other stakeholders to convene, share information, and continue to offer our services throughout the country. 

 We value all individuals and organizations working through the current public health emergencyClients and others should not hesitate to reach out to us with questions, either directly to members of our client servicing teams or through the contact form.