HFMA Session Highlight: Addressing SDOH with Data Analytics

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“20% of a person’s health and well-being is related to access to care and quality of services,”
shared Anyi Chen as part of her engaging session at this year’s HFMA Annual Conference, which Sellers Dorsey also attended. Anyi is the CIO of Staten Island Performing Provider System (SIPPS).  Her session, “Collaborating to Address Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) with Data Analytics,” explored how SDOH impacts clinical outcomes and the partnerships needed to address them.

Chen explained that food, income, and health literacy are the most prevalent SDOHs that impact healthcare utilization. To help individuals overcome these SDOH, SIPPS recently launched an SDOH app that connects individuals to health and social service resources.

The platform works by screening individuals for physical and mental health issues to identify their needs and connects them with relevant resources to help. The platform follows up with each case to determine if the person’s needs are met. The data collected from the follow-up is then used to analyze SDOH factors in various zip codes across Staten Island to implement health improvement strategies in collaboration with the state Department of Health.

The SDOH app is one example of how predictive analytics can be used for patient risk stratification, which helps identify the best care options based on proven care outcomes in patients with similar risk factors. Chen explained the significance of measuring the ROI of new technologies, like the SDOH app, to address various social determinants and improve health outcomes. She also emphasized the need for more conveners to connect community members to the resources they need.

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