Health Care Investors

Health care offers tremendous opportunity for investors who are equipped with good data and advice. Sellers Dorsey is positioned at the intersection of industry and government and can help translate health care policy trends into sound business decisions for private equity and companies who serve them.


Health care investors are challenged to obtain rapid responses to questions about:

  • How to expand, accelerate, and intensify due diligence on health care businesses in Medicaid
  • The impact of policies aimed at access, value, and quality
  • Opportunities and challenges in Medicaid affecting different investment theses
  • How state politics shaping Medicaid policies differ across the country
  • Medicaid financing techniques to enhance future, post-acquisition value of assets
  • The impact of COVID-19 on health coverage, as well as Medicaid priorities for technology, long-term care, behavioral health, primary care, and other services
  • Possible legislative actions at the federal and state levels that can directly affect the future of health care related business
How we help

Sellers Dorsey delivers highly specialized research and advisory capabilities in Medicaid. Private equity firms, and the market research companies who help them, can leverage our expertise through these services:

our services
  • Specialized support for buy-side and sell-side companies
  • Customized research in Medicaid
  • Medicaid policy impact reporting
  • Implementation trajectory for emerging technologies in Medicaid populations
  • Medicaid financing opportunity evaluations

Sellers Dorsey has helped clients in health care investing by delivering these capabilities and benefits:

  • Research and key insights into provider landscape in key target markets
  • Capabilities to take unique risks based on superior data on trends in Medicaid
  • Increased understanding of complex economic, political, and policy dynamics surrounding intended business ventures
  • Data about Medicaid funding and program trends in key state markets
  • Enhanced understanding of the dynamics surrounding the role of services and technologies in the Medicaid marketplace
  • Advanced planning for value creation through effective and approvable Medicaid financing initiatives
Case Studies
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