A private equity firm requested assistance with an acquisition in a community-based healthcare market within a specific state. To gain further insight into the state environment, the firm required research to gain a greater understanding of the risks and opportunities facing providers of home based health care.

The Collaboration

Drawing on professional expertise, as well as key primary and secondary research sources, Sellers Dorsey prepared a detailed research report profiling various relevant provider programs serving the state’s Medicaid population. The report also covered future funding and program trends. Additionally, Sellers Dorsey produced a webinar to present the report’s findings and answer questions about the state’s Medicaid program and the delivery of the particular type of community-based services.

The Results

Through the work of our research and analysis, this private equity firm achieved a thorough understanding of the state’s home and community-based services and how they are delivered. The market’s highly complex economic and political dynamics were all carefully outlined, and they were presented to show exactly how they would impact the firm’s business venture.