A large national health plan wanted to improve its relationships with acute and long-term services and supports providers in their network, statewide provider trade associations, and member advocacy groups.

The Collaboration

Working with its client, Sellers Dorsey created an opportunity for stakeholders to provide candid feedback to the health plan on any challenges they were experiencing. Sellers Dorsey facilitated discussions between the health plan and stakeholders to generate collaborative solutions. These meetings also served as an opportunity for stakeholders to let the health plan know what is working well and foster a collaborative, “open door” relationship between health plan leadership and stakeholders. Following the meetings, Sellers Dorsey worked with the health plan to develop a tracking tool to make assignments and monitor progress internally on implementation of the stakeholder solutions, and as a mechanism to keep stakeholders apprised of the plan’s progress.

The Results

Because of these meetings and the strategic guidance throughout the process, the health plan has implemented, or is in the process of implementing, numerous stakeholder solutions focused on improved communication and administrative simplification for providers.