Answering a state’s Medicaid managed care procurement, a managed care entity enlisted Sellers Dorsey to assist with its response. With the firm’s managed care expertise on hand, this entity aimed to deliver a response that met the RFP’s requirements and showcased its experience with long-term services and supports (LTSS).

The Collaboration

Providing strategic advice and technical assistance, Sellers Dorsey helped the managed care entity focus its response on integrated and acute LTSS. This comprehensive work included:

  • Mock scoring the client’s response to the RFP
  • Reviewing and editing the client’s proposal
  • Developing ways to highlight the strength of the client’s mission and experience


The Results

With the help of Sellers Dorsey, the client submitted a strong and timely response to the RFP and successfully won the bid. Additionally, Sellers Dorsey continues to assist the client in Medicaid managed care markets across other states.