Who We Serve

Sellers Dorsey shares each client’s purpose and success. Sellers Dorsey has a strong track record working with state and other governmental entities, designing and shaping health reform, financing, policies, and plans. The firm’s access to decision-makers and in-depth knowledge of the legislative and regulatory processes, current health care policies, and how government agencies work enables it to develop innovative solutions at the nexus of policy, politics, and business.

The firm is working or has worked with the following governmental entities and industries as clients:

  • States, counties, and other public entities
  • Medicaid health plans and qualified health plans
  • Specialty health care providers
  • Hospitals and hospital systems
  • Universities and academic medical centers
  • Long-term services and supports providers
  • Behavioral health companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Health IT companies
  • Advocacy organizations and foundations
  • Private Equity Firms

The firm keeps its client list confidential. If you are a prospective client, the firm will provide references relevant to your needs. Please contact info@sellersdorsey.com for more information.