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Certified Public Expenditure Program


Seeking to ensure taxpayers in their state were securing as much federal financial participation as possible in their Medicaid program, elected officials and other policymakers in a large industrial state turned to Sellers Dorsey.

The Collaboration

Sellers Dorsey worked with the state to develop, seek federal approval for, and implement a certified public expenditure program for county nursing homes. The initiative was designed to capture federal Medicaid funding on previously unmatched Medicaid costs. To assist the client, Sellers Dorsey:

  • Outlined the method for federal claiming;
  • Participated in discussions with institutions to gain their support and assisted in training the facilities for successful and accurate use of the new cost report methodology;
  • Drafted public notices, state plan amendments, and answers to CMS questions; and
  • Participated in discussions with CMS to secure approval.

The Results

As a result of the collaborative work with the state Medicaid agency, CMS, and important stakeholders, Sellers Dorsey identified state share for additional federal Medicaid funds. The relevant state plan amendment was approved by the Federal government, allowing the state to bring in an additional $30 million annually in new federal money for the state Medicaid program.