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Medicaid Transformation and Health Policy Services

Governors and their administrations want increased flexibility to design Medicaid programs to fit the needs of their citizens and provide quality and accessible health care. Given that nearly one-quarter of all state spending is attributed to Medicaid, states are also seeking sustainability and predictability so they may invest in other crucial priorities, such as education and economic development. Federal waivers provide states with the flexibility to pursue forms of innovation within their programs not normally allowed under federal law and regulation. Sellers Dorsey and its partners work with policy makers to develop, negotiate, and implement state Medicaid and healthcare reform initiatives such as waivers and other models of innovation available to states.

Client Success Stories

  • Developed and negotiated several large 1115 Medicaid waivers for states and stakeholders interested in increased sustainability, flexibility, payment reform, and insurance market reforms in more than a dozen states, including Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.
  • Developed a coordinated care program to reform the delivery and payment of Medicaid services in Mississippi.
  • Facilitated state commissions, committees, and task forces in several states on health policy, the Affordable Care Act, long term services and supports, and health homes.