Understanding Current Changes and Opportunities

As we work with clients to navigate the ever-changing world of healthcare, we rely on a core belief that there is always opportunity with change. To tap into this opportunity, we monitor and research legislative, policy, and political changes happening on a state and federal level, and routinely use the resources, political acumen, relationships, and creativity of our staff and strategic partners.

Since the election in November, our monitoring, analysis, and sharing of information on legislative proposals and shifts in administrative policy has been in high gear. In fact, we created an internal task force to ensure we are applying the best thinking and analysis to guide our clients on how best to approach these potentially fundamental changes, leverage opportunities, and mitigate risks. This internal team reports out on a regular basis to clients, and provides information we can share with others in our arena, including you, perhaps.

As part of, our commitment to clients to provide the best up-to-the-minute expert consultation through ongoing engagements, recently we offered monthly live webinars. These webinars focused on topics such as ACA repeal and replace efforts, potential impacts on state Medicaid programs, managed care plans, the meaning of block granting, and Medicaid financing strategies. As the facts evolve on both the legislative and administrative front, we expect to continue these presentations based on the positive feedback we are receiving.


Sellers Dorsey has a rare set of capabilities and expertise in Medicaid policy and financing, given the experience our staff and consultants have with both state and federal governments. We are committing our resources to set the stage for success, and we are confident we will move together in a strong direction with our clients. Sellers Dorsey would be glad to speak with you if you have questions, concerns or ideas with which you could use our help.